Monday, May 19, 2014

Andrew and Bethany's Visit (minus the mud)

We had a Wonderful three days with Andrew and Bethany and are soo glad they took the time to come spend a weekend with us!!

This was actually before they came, but was so sweet, I wanted to make sure to get it on the blog...the boys having story time after their bath =)

Moriah Loved making bracelets and necklaces with Aunt Bethany!

Watching the big kids in the backyard

The mud run will get it's own post... this is what we did Sunday:

We went to the Back Porch for lunch (I and the kids had been a couple of times, but Philip never had so it was on our list to do before we moved).

In the big chair!

My, what big feet you have! =)

Our crazy five

Couldn't ask for a better view

All of us

The kid's meals here are served on frisbees that you get to take home.   The boys are showing off their balancing skills =)

The outside

A Gorgeous day on the Emerald Coast!

It's a rarity to get this guy to the beach, so I had to snag a picture!

That afternoon, we took the jet ski out for the first time this season and did some kneeboarding and water skiing.

Andrew skiing

Caleb taking Daddy for a ride

These next few were taken by Bethany while I was skiing:

Three cuties

I Love how Caleb is looking at Keenan here!

Sweet girl

Silly faces!!

Me skiing (I fell a lot and am soooo sore today!)

Caleb showing off his bandaid

Coming back in from skiing


That's me on the jet ski =)

I did a photo shoot of Andrew and Bethany that you can check out here.  This one is my favorite:

...and this one makes me smile =)

We stayed up too late (almost) every night, played some games (Andrew played Lots of games with Keenan) and just had fun!

Andrew also helped us select, prepare and hang a couple of new doors (one bedroom, one bathroom) while they were here which was Much appreciated!!

We had pizza and group with our friends at the Latham's last night and Andrew and Bethany headed home early this morning.


The Woodfords said...

Great pictures! So glad you had such a great time together!!

Love, Steph

Mom W. said...

Fun pictures!!! So glad A and B could be there, looking for pictures on THEIR blog too!! Looking forward to the mud pics!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Your pictures of Andrew and Bethany are awesome. I went over and checked out the rest on your picture blog and they're all great :)

I loved all of these pictures, but I found the ones of Caleb particularly cute - especially the one with the frisbee on his head. He is so mischievous looking!

It's good to see you so happy! Enjoy your last few weeks in Florida!