Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Birthday 2014

My birthday was busy!

Mom, Jeff and Isaac left in the morning and then we headed on base to the Aero Club, where we had signed up for some flights back in January!

They were really small planes, so we had to split up.   Philip and Keenan went first:

All ready to go!

It was an awesome experience to get to see the beautiful area that we live in from the air!   What a great way to preserve it in our memories =)

Okaloosa Island

Destin beach

"Crab Island", a really shallow area that boats come to and dock and hang out

Coming back in - this is our side of Eglin AFB

Happy Dude

The beautiful area where the Pennys live

This is cropped to keep our exact location from being so obvious, but Philip got this shot of Our house!!

The three of us heading out for our turn

Getting loaded up

So excited!

I think they look Adorable with the headsets on! =)

Let's Go!  (This time I won't jump out)

During our taxi out to the runway

Philip took tons of pictures, and I did more video, so my pictures are mostly of the kids...

She loved it!

Brooks bridge, crossing from Fort Walton Beach to Okaloosa Island

Such a big boy

He started dozing off after we landed =)

Thank you nice pilot lady!

After naps we went bowling (since the kids are signed up to bowl for free all summer, we just had to pay for us and shoes).   I totally stunk at it, but had a great time anyway! =)

Keenan did really well and got a score of 99!

Without help, Moriah's would roll so painfully slow down the lane that we were Sure they would never make it.. and they always did! =)

That's a handful!

Philip helping Caleb (after a couple turns, Caleb was happy to let Keenan and Moriah play for him)

Yes, this was totally destined for the gutter =)

My littlest goof and I =)


The handsome men on the other side of the table

After dinner, I did a "Gender Reveal" photo shoot for a friend.   This was where I got to photograph the parents finding out what gender their unborn baby is!    I looked at the paper (sealed in an envelope) from their ultrasound and then filled little pinatas with either pink or blue confetti.  When they pulled the string, the confetti rained down and I snapped away while they screamed and jumped up and down with excitement.  * I didn't say Which color of confetti here, because I don't know who's reading and she hasn't announced it to the world yet!*

When we got home, we found this HUGE DQ Heath ice cream cake in the freezer (we forgot to take a picture before we cut it), and a disc with the video Devin had made by splicing together three different videos from our skydiving experience - sooo awesome!

Those Pennys.... just way too awesome =)


What a great birthday and birthday weekend!   I am so blessed! =)

Isaac Goes Jet Skiing!

We had a great weekend with Mom and Jeff and Isaac!

They were so great about the long drive (and long day) while I was doing my skydive and also helped us clean up the house for a showing that morning!

We made these a couple times while they were here.   They're called Meatball Subs on a Stick.


Isaac had never ridden a jet ski before or tubed or waters skiied, so he was super excited to get out on the water on Sunday!

So pumped!

Off they go!

Keenan and Caleb playing with some new friends

Lovin' it!

Time for some tubing

Isaac's turn!

He obviously hates it =)

Grandpa and Caleb

Delighted with the stick he found

I love these ones =)

Keenan's so serious here =)

Lookin' good!

Grandpa takes it for a spin

Keenan's just chillin'

 Caleb and Uncle Isaac

 The men

 Caleb dancing with Isaac

Isaac didn't get to try skiing, since the jet ski quit, but it was a fun time nonetheless!

 Gorgeous sunset on the bayou at Devin and Melissa's as we hung out and grilled dinner

 Riah with Grandma before they left yesterday morning

 I had just gotten out of bed, but she wanted a picture =)

All the kids on the jet ski