Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wichita Visit, April 2014

We spent five days in Wichita, and one of the most exciting things about it was that it was the first time any of our kids Remembers flying on an airplane so they were super excited!! =)

In the USO lounge at the airport before going through security
(Free chips, pop, donuts and chocolate - yes please!)

Caleb conked out before we even boarded =)

Happy girl!


Keenan didn't waste any time in getting a game started!

Our new friends, the Stevens, let us stay in their beautiful home (we had the whole basement to ourselves) and they have a gorgeous yard that boarders a beautiful common area/park/golf course!

We could see the playground from the house

Philip was standing in the middle of their swinging circle - he's braver than I!

Crazy hair on the slide

They had Tons of wildlife trotting through their backyard, including this sweet bunny!

Keenan fell madly in love with their dog, Hunter

Riah wanted a picture with some of their flowers

Handsome Hunter

Hunter got Lots of love while the Stevens were gone for a few days!

We found our new home!!
(I will post pictures on here after we move in)

We did a little egg hunt for the kids in the Stevens' backyard..

All the loot has been found!

The weather was Gorgeous and the evenings were just Perfect to sit out on the deck and watch the kids play in the yard.

Perfect lighting, too! =)

We took a walk around the pretty park...

Silly, sweet boy

It was like a fairy tale!

This "red bud" was blooming everywhere!

Just us girls

Me and my love

Two grinning blondies

Our Easter picture after church 

Handsome outdoorsman

Poser on the golf course


Goofus on the woodpile

We visited the Nifty Nut House candy store and each kid got to pick something.  Moriah chose "The World's Longest Candy Necklace!"

* These are all the pictures from our trip, minus the trip to the zoo, it gets it's own post*

When we got home, our Easter package from Mom and Jeff was waiting for us!

Look how beautifully it is decorated!!

Each of the kid's bags was decorated like a basket... soo much thought (and Awesome candy) went into this box!! =)

A couple days after we got home, we went to get snoballs with some friends from C.C:

I had never had one before, but they are Awesome!!

They have flavored sno cone ice on the outside, with ice cream on the inside and toppings on top!  Mine (on the left) was called "Southern Belle" with pralines, caramel and lots of other awesomeness.  The kids just got a chocolate and caramel combination

The kids with their friends, Lauren and Danielle

The business continues, but we are making headway as we (quickly) approach the deadline!   Will post some pictures of home improvements soon. =)


Mark and Rebekah said...

Gorgeous pictures as usual! What beautiful backdrops! Wichita looks like a beautiful place :)
I can't wait to see pictures of your renovations! I LOVE renovations - especially when they're someone else's haha ;) Hope it's going well. Love you!

Mom E said...

I saw this post on my iPhone but for some reason I can't leave a comment! So, wanted to leave one here to let you know I do follow your pics. I'm so excited you got the Easter box & everyone enjoyed the goodies. The pics of your new home & area are beautiful. Can't wait to visit you there.... :)