Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blue Angels and Red Berries

Today was a super fun, super busy day!  Philip was home and we made every minute count!

It started with a 7:00 appointment with the guys who are redoing our bathroom.  They needed to do a last check over before they begin demo on Friday.

Then at 8:00, the realtor that we chose came by (Philip hadn't met her in person yet) for us to sign a bunch of paperwork and talk about a date to list the house.   Looks like we have about three weeks to get this place in ship shape order! =)

Next we headed to Pensacola to see the Blue Angels (we went a couple of weeks ago, but wanted to go with Philip before we move).   The last time was CRAZY!   It was only their second practice since they started back after a year off, AND it was Spring break so there were 26,000 people there!   This time the crowds were much smaller and we got to choose a much better viewing spot!   Here is a combination of pictures from this week and two weeks ago:

 I put both of these, because by the time Caleb had turned around (below) there was a golf cart in the picture =)

 Not sure what this was, but it doesn't look like it should be able to fly, does it??

 A retired Blue Angels support plane

 Upside down!

 More upside down silliness =)

 All finished!

 Sleepy boy on the way out

On the way home, we stopped in Baker to pick strawberries!

 Happy girl!

 This squinty guy is a Great picker!

 My faves

 So beautiful

 Caleb picked this gem with Daddy =)

 Moriah's basket!

 We didn't get as many as we usually do, because I'm not making jam this time (didn't want to have to mess with it in our move)

 Not much prettier than this...

 My little berries =)

 ...and perhaps the best part of the trip =)

 This picture is super weird, but they did all enjoy their frozen yogurt! =)

A cute picture in the wildflowers at a geocache on the way home

What a fun day!   Now, back to work!!

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Mom W. said...

So Aker's is in Baker? Funny!! Yummy!! I bet those planes were loud!!! =)