Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sedgewick County Zoo

We were so excited to visit the Wichita zoo, that is only 20 minutes from our new house!   We went ahead and bought an annual pass (which will pay itself off in 2.5 visits).

Before heading to the zoo, we decided to try out Spangles for lunch.     We. Loved. It!   It's a chain, but they are decorated in a retro, diner feel and the food was cheap and Amazing!   New favorite!

The kids loved the food!

So cute!

Included in each kid's meal was a huge, Oreo ice cream sandwich!

Now to the zoo...

Baby Chimp 

Playing peek a boo with Riah

The Mama

She and Keenan checking each other out

Not sure what these are, but they were in a cool party where we could walk in with the animals!

Gorgeous Leopard


Sleeping (Lynx?)

Giraffes of all sizes!

Stare down

The baby one

Check out that tongue!

Wraps it around a branch..

Pulls it down...

...and grabs it!

Giraffe photo bomb =)


This is why oral hygiene is so important, kids =)

Pretty painted dog

Pretty lioness

...and her snoozing hubby
(maybe next time we'll catch him up and about)

Love the Meerkats!

I don't remember what this was called

This makes me think of Lucy and Aslan!

All three on the lion

Love this one
(This reminds me... the kids and I got to see a production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at our local theatre last week!)  It had a cast of... Five!  Totally amazing!

Majestic Gorilla

I always think they look so wise

We saw this snake slithering in the zoo (he was not a resident)

...and a little while later, he went right across the path!!

..and my all time favorites... the Tigers!   Unlike the sleepy lions, the tigers gave us quite a show!

On the move in the gorgeous habitat

Sooo beautiful!

Coming around the corner to show off for the spectators

Tiger cubs in a separate enclosure race out to check out the surprise that had been hung for them

Look how huge his paws are! =)

That's some big kitten

Getting serious

I love that Caleb was watching the Tigers, wearing his Tigers shirt!

Bath time

What are you lookin' at?

This was the only shot I got of the Red Panda (fast asleep in his burrow)

The kids got to see the penguins swimming, close up

Tuckered out little girl =)

Come visit us in Wichita and go to the zoo! =)


Anonymous said...

We would love to take you up on that and visit you...and the zoo. We are returning to the States permanently in July.
Angela Saunders

Mark and Rebekah said...

Gorgeous animal pictures! Your photography skills are so versatile!

I love the updates! I hope you're surviving the crazy schedule...

Mom W. said...

Beautiful! Love the cats expecially!!!

Mom W. said...

Beautiful! Love the cats expecially!!!

Mom E said...

I too thought it was soo cute that Caleb had his Tiger's shirt on while watching the tigers. Since they are your favorite animal, I guess it was Desitny that you'd eventually marry a Tiger fan. lol.
LOVED the "Lucy and Aslan" photo as I'm listening to the CDs you let us borrow.
The giraffe photo bomb made me LOL for sure. And very interesting to see how the giraffe grabbed that branch. Love, Mom