Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Crazy, Silly LIfe

This will get you caught up to our Wichita trip (lots of pictures to come from that!)

The handsomest two year old in our house =)

A week and a half ago, in the midst of a crazy couple of days, my friend, Mary Edith invited us out on her boat for a morning of fishing!   We left the to do list at home and headed out with her!

Happy to be out on the water!

Cute in pink

Caleb was happy if he was snacking

Happy dude!

Our littlest goof

... with a mouthful!

It sure was windy when we were going fast!

Love the wind blown hair!

Keenan was stoked to get a turn at the wheel!


Caleb and Lucy

Our captain, Mary Edith

Blond girls

Keenan took this one of me

The first time we'd gone under the Destin bridge!

The Emerald Grand and Harborwalk in the background

Pirate ship!

Two pelicans fighting over something

We docked on the sand for a bit - the kids were happy to get off!


Caleb was being a stinker and didn't want to be in the picture

... but when Mary Edith promised him an orange, he sat and smiled like an angel!

On the way back

Water trikes!

Caleb didn't make it back =)

Moriah didn't make it home =)

We went on a fun douable date with Devin and Melissa to a great seafood restaurant on the island called Old Bay Steamer...

The fun people across the table

The super fun people across the table from Them =)


We took the kids to "Construction Junction", where there are trucks and construction vehicles of all types for the kids to climb on and in.   We had been a few years ago, but I knew Caleb would really like it.   I also wanted to get this picture of him to match one we had of Keenan at a similar age. =)

Caleb, April 2014

Keenan, March 2009

Mini tractors!

At the wheel

All three inside =)

Moriah in the bucket


They got to go up in the turret on the Humvee

I love this one of Caleb

Better watch out!

A bucket full of kids!

This thing was a beast!

Moriah in one of the wheels

Meeting some friendly dogs who needed homes (but not ours) =)

...and some sweet puppies =)

Moriah loves to come along to photo shoots with me.   She's really good at entertaining kids and getting them to have fun and smile.   What a great little helper!

She's also super cute =)


Mom W. said...

Fun, thanks for sharing these and taking time (I know you don't have) to put them up!! Thinking of you all!! Love...

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love all the pictures :) It's so nice of you to give your far away relatives our "fix" of your beautiful kids even when you're SO BUSY!
Love you all!