Friday, April 4, 2014

Green Cedars Farm Field Trip

We had such a fun opportunity today, to visit a small family farm for a field trip with some of our homeschool group!

The kids loved how close they could get to the animals

Caleb was especially excited =)

One of their Corgis


Caleb found the cat

Farmer Roger

Our Group

The different colors of eggs their hens lay

Beautiful Wisteria

Sweet chicks

Rufus, the rooster

Pretty cat

Getting to touch Rufus

How sweet!

Being there in the spring was the Perfect time to see lots of baby animals! =)

A 12 day old bunny who's eyes were just opening!

The farmer's beautiful horse, Henry

Cute piglets!

I loved this.  Caleb knelt down by the gate after everyone else walked on and they all came running over to him!

Proud, strutting Tom

Their sweet puppy, Sochi

Sochi is learning to guard these sheep so he lives in their pen right now

Guina fowl

On the hayride!

This sow just had these piglets four days ago!

Sweet girl

Too much cuteness!

Handsome boy at the back of the wagon

Billy goat

We had a blast!

All the little girls with the farmer =)

The azaleas are in full bloom right now - I love this time of year!


Rob said...

Neat pictures Joia! Brings back memories seeing baby bunnies again.
BTW, I think your Corky dog might actually be a Corgi?!

Rob said...
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Joia said...

Rob, you're right! I fixed it on facebook and forgot to fix it here! =)

Mom W. said...

Azaleas... so jealous!!! What a neat place, free range chickens... thumbs up to that!!!