Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2nd year of CC done!

Things are soo busy this week that I need to keep up with blogging each day so I don't get buried!

Today was a big day.   It was our last class with the CC group here!    When we start CC again, we'll be with a brand new group in Wichita!   Crazy, and sad...   We have been blessed with a great group (just several blocks from our house!) These past two years.

Keenan with his class and teacher, Mrs. Frye

Being silly

Moriah's class with her teacher, Mrs. Chastain

... and their silly picture =)

Today was also the day that the kids all got to test out the "egg protectors" they've been building the last couple of weeks.

Moriah's - the egg is wrapped in napkins, and is sitting on a "trampoline" of rubber bands inside of it's popsicle stick box

Excited to get started on testing them out!

Keenan with his model

Moriah's was the first to be dropped!

Checking to see how it faired (it actually did pretty well... it sustained a crack, but didn't totally break!)

It was fun watching!

Keenan's turn!

There it goes!   (His didn't make it either, in fact, only 3 eggs survived out of about 24!)

Caleb with the two sweet women, Melissa and Geri, who have taken care of him in the nursery during CC both years =)
We will miss them!

At lunch time, I set up a photo booth so we could get pictures of all of our friends to remember them by.  It was a big hit:

This is the first big "last" for us before this move.    It's starting to feel very real now that our lives are going to completely change in just a short time!


Mom W. said...

Bitter sweet I am sure but what fun pictures of everyone!!!! =)

Mark and Rebekah said...

Sometimes I think you should give up photography and be an event planner. Or it would make more sense to combine the two. You have the best ideas ever :) Love the photo booth!