Monday, March 24, 2014

This is Gettin' Real, Toto!

We are moving to Kansas in... Three Months!

Philip's date of separation from the Air Force just got approved, so the ball is set in motion!   We have so much to do! =)


Mom W. said...

That is funny bacause here in Canada, all people seem to know about Kansas is the connection to the Wizard of Oz and they think it is funny that you are moving to Kansas... (like... is there a real state called Kansas?) Uh... yeah!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I may have already said this... I have a kid in my class who just moved from Kansas... He'll often say things like, "At my old school..." There are so many GREAT opportunities to say, "Anthony, we're not in Kansas anymore :) " Haha! We all (the rest of the class) find it funny! He actually does too. Anyway, I've never seen The Wizard of Oz, so that's not where my knowledge comes from. I don't know much about Kansas, but I'm hoping to learn soon :) I hope we'll be able to come visit you in your new place!