Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One in a Minion

Here are a few contests the kids have been involved in lately:

At C.C, they challenged the kids (as teams) to build a bridge out of plastic straws, play dough and rubber bands.    Here is what Keenan's team made (I think the support on the side may have been a little unfair) =)

Brian, Lincoln and Keenan

Here it's holding two rolls of pennies (and actually held even more before it broke)

Keenan and Moriah participated in their first ever coloring contest on base last week
(I LOVED coloring contests as a kid!)

Moriah one First place!  She got a $25 gift card to the BX (our mini walmart on base) and a gift bag (both of which she shared with Keenan)  =)

At AWANA, once a year they have a "Dress a Potato" Night, where the kids can design their own fun potato.  Keenan and I decided to try and make a minion (from Despicable Me) this time...

In case you're not familiar with the movie, here are a couple of the minions

We started with this...

First coat of yellow (with Close supervision from Caleb!)

Painting the overalls...

All finished!
(Keenan actually did a lot of it... 90% of the painting, he made the arms, and...

this sign on the back =)

I love it!
He didn't win a prize (which we were both bummed about), but we still had a great time and he handled it surprisingly well. =)


Mom W. said...

Congratulations to Moriah, good job, Keenan's was really good too, the competition must have been stiff and for the potato too, really good job!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job! Can't believe he didn't win with that minion!