Monday, March 24, 2014

More catching up...

I hadn't posted about the bridges that Moriah's class made, because I didn't have any pictures, but I got some (phone) pictures from a friend of Moriah's class...

This had nothing to do with bridges - this week they made "wigs" like Beethoven's =)

Moriah's group working on their bridge

Hmmm... seems a little more like a "roof" than a bridge... =)

It bore weight!  Yay!

Caleb literally fell asleep like this!!

Keenan got to participate in the annual "Awana Games" with his team this year:

Waiting to get started

Two of the cute spectators

The Sparky mascot

The four teams facing off

First event - The Sparky Crawl
(each team has to crawl on their knees to the opposite side of the square, against everyone else!)

Keenan on the run during Sparky Safari

Look at him go!

Silly cheerleader

Here they had to keep the balloon out of their section
(Keenan is in the air!)

Keenan is in the back of the "train" here

The Blue team finding out that they got First Place!
(See Keenan on the left?)


The kids and I checked out a new beach/recreation area the other day... it was gorgeous!

Pretty heron

Look who decided to copy big brother?

Love them

Keenan and a huge nest in a cool tree

Sweet girl in the sunshine

So grown up!

He picked his own pose and I love it!

A random picture from our MOPS fundraiser dinner last week

The Grays gave Keenan a couple rockets for his birthday and after a lot of prep (mostly by Philip), we got to launch them a couple days ago!

Before the first launch

Using it as a kite after it launched

Got to help host a shower for our sweet friend, Susan, this weekend.  Beautiful day, great food, wonderful friends!

The beautiful Mama (due next month)

Moriah came and had a swingin' good time with Vivi! =)


Mom W. said...

So the women aren't such bad bridge engineers after all!!! Hope whoever drives over it has 4 wheel drive though!!! Loved the pictures, count down to take for you guys...

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, Joia! You guys are really going to miss the water being so close and just the beauty of that area I'm sure. So glad Kristin and I got to visit you there and see the area! Good luck in your move.