Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Keenan's (early) 7th Birthday Party!

We celebrated Keenan's birthday early, on March 1st.   This was the first year since he's been choosing themes that he decided to not have a theme.   That made it easy for me!  
When I was thinking about how to decorate his cake, I couldn't think of many things he likes more than candy, so I decided to do a candy themed cake.   It. Was. FUN!!

The toothache inducing completed cake =)

From the top

I loved how well some of the candies stacked up on a wooden skewer! =)

The bubble gum border

Since we surprised him with a huge bouncy house (which needed to go in the front yard), we decided to have his party out front, in the car port (which was freshly power washed by Philip so it was nice and clean!)
I had fun making this giant poster to cover the window

Funny new photo props

A highlight of the party was having Mom, Jeff and Isaac in town for it!

Isaac putting on his best pirate face =)

Silly Riah

The bouncy house

Good times were had by all inside!

Keenan showing off his cake to Noble

Smiley Girma taking Caleb for a ride in the jeep

More bouncy fun

The whole set up (with the best parts - the popcorn machine and sno cone maker on the right - thanks Uncle Isaac!)

All the food


Eden and Vivi

Uncle Isaac hard at work

What a hit!


So cute

What a pro!

Kid perfection

Love this

This was at least Keenan's second sno cone

With Noble

Nora Jane with blue lips

Glamorous ladies!

I love this one, where even the baby in Susan's belly gets a say! =)

Grandpa Jeff lookin' cool


More popcorn!

Keenan chose to play pin the tail on the donkey

It was pretty hilarious

Even Caleb took a turn! =)

For another throwback game, he chose "Hot Potato"!  (Where you wrap up a gift in multiple layers of paper, the kids sit in a circle, you play music and when the music stops, whoever is holding the gift, unwraps one layer.  The person who removes the last layer, gets the prize).

Us and our handsome eldest!
We love you so much, Keenan!

Candle time with all his crazy friends =)

Getting ready...


Digging into the candy laden cake

Cute kids lined up on the wall

Caleb with Grandma and Grandpa

Present time...
Rockets from the Grays

A skateboard from the Pennys

Battleship from the Lathams

The awesome card Grandma picked out

The Perplexus Maze ball from Grandpa and Grandma (this thing is awesome)

Angry Birds game from Uncle Matt and Aunt Jessica

Lego Creationary from Philip and I

Wearing Keenan's elbow pads on his legs =)

Lookin' like a pro already!

Fun times!

Thank you to all our precious friends and family for making this day so special for Keenan! =)


Rebekah Storey said...

Good gracious I miss you people!

Anonymous said...

Looked like a lot of fun! Happy Birthday Keenan!

Mom W. said...

How fun, looks like it was a smashin' good day!! Good pictures too Joia!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I've been meaning to comment on this for a while...

I feel like you're holding back on us. I'm sure Keenan said, "Mom, for my birthday I'd like the theme to be - how to squeeze the most amazing, totally awesome thing a seven year old would love into one party."

And you did it! I can't believe HOW COOL this party was! You have kids who are so blessed to have you for a mom! I loved ALL of the little touches. I can't believe how cool this was!