Monday, March 10, 2014

Keenan is Seven (and His Second Duathlon!)

Keenan did his second duathlon yesterday! Read about his first one here.

Since the race was in Pensacola, and we needed to get an early start AND it was daylight savings, we got up at 5:00 (felt like 4:00) am!

Taking his bike into the transition area as the sun is coming up

Finding his spot on the rack

All ready to go with his body marking and timing chip on his ankle

Minutes before the start, Keenan decided he needed to go to the bathroom (which was FAR away!)  I stayed with Caleb and Philip took the two older kids.  Then the announcer said they were ready to start and the girl started singing the National anthem... I nearly had a Heart attack, I was so afraid he was going to miss the start!

Here's the stinker, peeking out from the back of the pack seconds before it started =)

Off they go!

There's Keenan's yellow shirt

Here they come towards transition, after the .4 mile run
(He has a similar running face to his Mom) =)

In mid air!

I think he looks so grown up here!
(Look at the muscles in his leg!)

In transition

Get that helmet on!

Out he goes!

Off for the 2 mile bike!

Coming back in..

Dismounting before transition...

Coming in at the finish after a .5 mile run!

Almost there!

So stoked!

Proud Daddy

Two sweaty runners
(I ran eight miles while we waited for his race to start, while the older kids were doing their race)
...and yes, I noticed that the crane appears to be holding up my head

He won third place for his age group again!
(The course was slightly longer this year, but Keenan did it in 19:10, two and a half minutes faster than last year's time!)

Top three male runners in his age group

With his trophy and awesome finisher's medal!

Today was the big day!
Happy 7th Birthday, Keenan!
(Yes, he had a cupcake for breakfast)

Bippys when Daddy got home from work to end the day... =)

Keenan, we Cannot believe you are SEVEN years old!!!    We are soo blessed to have you as a son and that the Lord has entrusted you to our care.
You are such a funny, talented, intelligent kid, with a love of knowledge and the drive to always do your best.
We love you so much and pray that this year will bring you closer to the Lord and the knowledge of Him.


Hannah said...

Way to go Keenan and Joia!!! Keep up the awesome work!

Grandma W. said...

Awesome, congratulations Keenan and a belated Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful young man you are growing into, we are so proud of you!!

Shambach's said...

Way to go Keenan! I wonder if they have any of those sorts of things around here... Soren would love it!