Thursday, March 6, 2014

Epic Feat of Naughtiness

Tonight as I was starting to make dinner, I heard a big "THUNK" on the stairs and Keenan (who was downstairs) say "Oh, No! Caleb!!  When I looked to see what had happened, I saw that he had thrown a (nearly full) quart of paint down the stairs.

Initially I was just so in shock that I wasn't even angry.   Thoughts that ran through my head:

1. Seriously??
2. Thank you Lord that they are Basement stairs with no carpet!
3. I HAVE to get a picture of this.
4. If we weren't moving, I'd totally leave it, what a cool pattern!  (I'd call it "Paint-erist")
5. Where/how do I start to clean up??

Pools of paint just dripping down the stairs...

I ended up grabbing a metal bowl from the kitchen and using my hands to just "scoop" the excess paint off of each step into the bowl.   Then I used almost an entire roll of paper towel, wiping up as best as I could, and then a really wet cloth to wipe each step off.   The further down I got, the more dry the paint had become, so there is still some paint spots at the bottom I couldn't get off.

Part way through the messy clean up
Might as well smile.  It Was epic.  =)


The Woodfords said...! I had a really crummy day, too, but I gotta say, yours beats mine paint down! Uh, hands down, I mean! ;). Love you and hope your tomorrow is so much better! xo

Mom W. said...

Wow, oh my... what can I say? Little stinker!!! =)

Shambach's said...

Way to have such a positive attitude about the whole thing. Can't even imagine the emotions of having to deal with that.... maybe it's b/c I'm pregnant right now, but that is one thing I would NOT want to deal with!