Thursday, March 6, 2014

Catch Up Scramble

Here are a few pictures from before the birthday weekend as well as our time with Mom, Jeff and Isaac..

Philip did a TON of power washing outside!     Before living in such a warm, humid place where gunk grows on everything, I never realized how nice it was to not have to clean green or black stuff off of your walls, deck, driveway, etc...

Philip even wrote me a sweet message on the front walk before he cleaned it =)

Keenan taking a turn
This thing is Powerful!!   I accidentally sprayed my finger while cleaning off one of the kid's swings and it hurt soo bad!!

This is totally random but was my project from a girl's night at the pottery painting place.
It's for birthdays or any other day that someone deserves a little extra affirmation =)

We had a GREAT visit with Mom, Jeff and Isaac!   They arrived on Wednesday night and left on Sunday morning.

Caleb soaking up some undivided attention from Grandma and Grandpa

Little Stinker

I love this one!

Keenan and Uncle Isaac

Moriah had to have a turn

Photo bombers

Caleb hung out with me while I decorated the cake and everyone else went geocaching (as I requested)
He was a big helper licking the beaters =)

After party fun...


Nicely done, guys


The best one!

Yesterday I did a shoot of this little beauty

...and today I bought new running shoes and I love them!!

It's been a hum dinger of a day as a mom and the next post will showcase the winning moment... stay tuned! =)

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Mom W. said...

Indeed it showcased the winning moment!! Hope Caleb (or Keenan and Moriah!!) don't realize there is a competition on for the winning moment!!! Could get really interesting!!! =)