Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stories by Keenan and Moriah

 A couple weeks ago, I asked Keenan and Moriah if they'd like to make up stories and I'd write them down.   This is what they came up with...
(The punctuation is terrible.   I was just typing as quickly as I could while they talked!)

The Beautiful Princess Who Got Found
by Moriah Dooley (age 5)

Once upon a time, there was a knight who was named Jack.   He found a beautiful princess in a beautiful castle with flowers all around it.   She did not have a prince, so he took off his knight clothes and she had some prince clothes and she gave them to him and he thought he could be her prince.   And then her witch mom had come and she did not like that she had found a prince.   The prince said I have found her in the castle and thought I could be her prince.    And the witch tried to get the prince to go away but he said, no, no, no she needs a prince.  Then the witch said, Oh fine!   You just stay with her until I die!   He said, I’m never going to go away!   Then he thought that we are not married, I can’t be your prince if we are not married.   Then he had already known a beautiful place that they could get married.  There was a beautiful little path and there was flowers on the sides of the path.  And he thought, but how will we get people to see us?   And the princess said I’ve seen wedding without people, but the people knew me and I was taking pictures and there was nobody there.   So we can just have a wedding with nobody but us.   And then he realized you do not have a dress.   And then he knew right where to get one and then they went there and they went back to the castle and put in on her and then went back to the place where they were going to marry.   And there was a man standing right there and he thought I will do the talking.   And then he said his stuff and they got married and went back to their beautiful castle.   And they lived happily ever after.  And the witch never came again.   The End.

The Pirates Who Saved the Coyote
 by Keenan Dooley (age 7)

One day there was some pirates named Keenan, Moriah and Caleb.  They were looking for land when a whale jumped up and bit the side of the ship off!   They started panicking and said “Oh no!  What do we do?”  Moriah said, “Let’s use our lifeboat!” and then Keenan said Good idea, let’s go!   They said Oh no, now we’re going to have to buy another ship!   Then they jumped in the lifeboat and started rowing to land.  
The whale jumped back into the water and made a big wave.   A bit of water got into their boat.   When they got to land, they heard a kind of growling sound and they were like Oh, oh!   And then they got out of the boat and looked around and saw an ogre.   They ran as fast as they could away from the ogre and they bonked into a gigantic python!    It chased them back to the boat and then they rowed away, and waited in the water for a while, and ate some snacks (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches).   Then they went back and made sure that there was nothing close enough to eat them.  They saw a key and thought there was some treasure somewhere on land.  They looked around and when they found it, they opened it and inside  a coyote jumped out!   They thought it was mean and they got swords out but then it started crying because it didn’t want to die and then they found out that it was nice so they brought it back to the lifeboat and then they rowed back to their home.

Monday, March 24, 2014

This is Gettin' Real, Toto!

We are moving to Kansas in... Three Months!

Philip's date of separation from the Air Force just got approved, so the ball is set in motion!   We have so much to do! =)

More catching up...

I hadn't posted about the bridges that Moriah's class made, because I didn't have any pictures, but I got some (phone) pictures from a friend of Moriah's class...

This had nothing to do with bridges - this week they made "wigs" like Beethoven's =)

Moriah's group working on their bridge

Hmmm... seems a little more like a "roof" than a bridge... =)

It bore weight!  Yay!

Caleb literally fell asleep like this!!

Keenan got to participate in the annual "Awana Games" with his team this year:

Waiting to get started

Two of the cute spectators

The Sparky mascot

The four teams facing off

First event - The Sparky Crawl
(each team has to crawl on their knees to the opposite side of the square, against everyone else!)

Keenan on the run during Sparky Safari

Look at him go!

Silly cheerleader

Here they had to keep the balloon out of their section
(Keenan is in the air!)

Keenan is in the back of the "train" here

The Blue team finding out that they got First Place!
(See Keenan on the left?)


The kids and I checked out a new beach/recreation area the other day... it was gorgeous!

Pretty heron

Look who decided to copy big brother?

Love them

Keenan and a huge nest in a cool tree

Sweet girl in the sunshine

So grown up!

He picked his own pose and I love it!

A random picture from our MOPS fundraiser dinner last week

The Grays gave Keenan a couple rockets for his birthday and after a lot of prep (mostly by Philip), we got to launch them a couple days ago!

Before the first launch

Using it as a kite after it launched

Got to help host a shower for our sweet friend, Susan, this weekend.  Beautiful day, great food, wonderful friends!

The beautiful Mama (due next month)

Moriah came and had a swingin' good time with Vivi! =)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One in a Minion

Here are a few contests the kids have been involved in lately:

At C.C, they challenged the kids (as teams) to build a bridge out of plastic straws, play dough and rubber bands.    Here is what Keenan's team made (I think the support on the side may have been a little unfair) =)

Brian, Lincoln and Keenan

Here it's holding two rolls of pennies (and actually held even more before it broke)

Keenan and Moriah participated in their first ever coloring contest on base last week
(I LOVED coloring contests as a kid!)

Moriah one First place!  She got a $25 gift card to the BX (our mini walmart on base) and a gift bag (both of which she shared with Keenan)  =)

At AWANA, once a year they have a "Dress a Potato" Night, where the kids can design their own fun potato.  Keenan and I decided to try and make a minion (from Despicable Me) this time...

In case you're not familiar with the movie, here are a couple of the minions

We started with this...

First coat of yellow (with Close supervision from Caleb!)

Painting the overalls...

All finished!
(Keenan actually did a lot of it... 90% of the painting, he made the arms, and...

this sign on the back =)

I love it!
He didn't win a prize (which we were both bummed about), but we still had a great time and he handled it surprisingly well. =)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Let it Go

If you've seen Frozen, you know about this song. Actually if you have internet access at all, you've heard of this song because (to my knowledge) it's gotten more attention than any other movie song, maybe Ever.

Anyway, this rendition is Hilarious (and impressive!)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I know I'm behind on blogging, but I figured I should get these pictures posted while it was actually still St. Patty's Day...

My cuties with their green mustache straws =)

All decked out in our green!

The fun socks I got at MOPS

I love this hat on him! =)

Philip was gone all weekend at a conference in DC.   He got home late last night and had a comp day today, so it was nice to get to spend some time with him!

We didn't do a whole lot.  Philip had a two hour conference call, I did a 10 mile run in the rain, and we had DQ for dessert tonight. =)

Here are some pics from an engagement shoot I did on Saturday.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Morning with Myrtle

This morning the kids and I had another one of our picnics with Myrtle - we love to do this, but don't do it enough!

A little bandit I found in my kitchen

On the boardwalk, looking for wildlife

This kid is just too much =)

I love this!!!

Oh, my heart aches to be leaving her soon...

My sweet cowgirl


My girl and I

This is unrelated to the picnic:  Yesterday when I picked Caleb up from the nursery at C.C, one of the workers (named Melissa), told me that when she was changing his diaper, Caleb said, "Good job, Melissa!"  Haha!!  What a character!