Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sick, Sick, Sick

We are sick of being sick!    Early last week is started with each of the boys in our house falling to the pukeys, three days in a row, one after the other.    Moriah and I never got that, thankfully!   However, since then all of the kids have come down with a terrible, croupy cough, fevers and running, sneezing, blowing colds!   Philip has had an ongoing (for about five weeks!) cough and I've caught what the kids have.   It hurts!   It. Won't. Go. Away!!!

We have had to cancel pretty much every commitment we had this week, and due to the cold, rainy weather outside, have spent most of our time, cooped up at home, inside!

Here are a couple of pics from the last few days:

Poor, hot little Caleb just passed out on my shoulder during story time one evening

Decorating paper chains 

Here's a poem I wrote this morning to try and make light of the situation:

Noses are drippin’
Fevers are spikin’
These days and days of sickness
We are not likin!

We can’t go to MOPS,
To C.C. or Dance,
No Awanam or Piano?
Not a chance!

Too germy to visit people
Too cold to go out,
We’re getting cabin fever
 And are ready to Shout!

Coughing our lungs up,
It hurts everywhere
We’re sick and we’re fed up
Of laying around in our lair!

Valentines is coming,
Daddy’s birthday, too.
Not sure what our plans are
They might just be… Achoo!

Enough of this whining,
We’re really rather blessed.
We have much to be thankful for,
Including extra rest.

So we’ll color some more pictures,
Make some cookies, maybe fudge.
Play a game or two, or four,

Until these germs BUDGE!

Then... I did it, made cookies and fudge! =)   

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Mom W. said...

When life is blah... eat fudge!!! Sounds good. Sorry that you are all ailin' though. Puttin' Vicks on their feet???? Cheer up, things could be MUCH worse!! =) Hope you have a good Valentines Day though!! Dad and I will be "on the road"!!!