Friday, February 7, 2014

Racing, Dating, Mini Golfing and Super Bowling...

Last Saturday I ran the Double Bridge 15K in Pensacola for the second time.  I wasn't planning to run it this year, but a couple weeks before the race, a friend of mine convinced me to sign up.   What a bad idea! =)   I had only been running 3-5 miles and then had to ramp up to 9.3 miles in just a couple weeks!  I do NOT recommend this. =)   I managed to finish in 1:33, which is exactly 10 minute miles.  I was happy with this result after my lack of training. =)

Here's the cute Finisher's Medal from this year

On Sunday, Moriah and I went on a date.   We went to Ross where I found a bunch of cute props for photography and she got a cute shirt.  Then we went to the park and then got milkshakes at Sonic =)

She did some Crazy jumps!

Us two =)

Trying to climb Up the fire pole

Looking down through the ropes

My little poser

Another huge jump!

She went down the slide headfirst, on her back.  This was her big finish =)

After we left Sonic, we met up with the boys, who were at Goofy Golf.   I took a few pictures and then we switched vehicles and Moriah and I left with Caleb, so Philip and Keenan could finish their game.

They gave him his own ball and little club! =)

He's got some interesting form..

Keenan concentrating

Philip teeing off

My handsome boys!

Sunday night was, of course, Super Bowl!   We met with our small group at the Grays (since they're the only ones with cable).  As usual, the party (for most of us) was way more about the food than the game, although I Do remember who played and won!   The Seattle Seahawks Trounced the Denver Broncos 43-8! Ouch!

This is a terrible picture, but these are the lobster rangoon wontons I made for the party.

Some of the awesome eats!

Haha!  Moriah will soon be dwarfed by Treyson!

Caleb flirting with Melissa

Moriah was dressed up almost the entire night!

Pretty, giggling, twirling girls =)

Our hosts, Alaina and Kevin

Devin and Treyson

Girma and Treyson studying each other

I loved this snap of Girma and Alaina's hands =)

Caleb playing blocks with his buddy

Devin and Melissa

My man and I (this was the shirt from the 15K this year, much better than last year's fluorescent yellow one!) 

Being silly

Eden hiding behind the stretchy unicorn toy

Devin gives it a try =)
Haha!  He's in the air here! =)

Keenan is doing soo well with reading!   He is a natural and has just taken off with it!   He is currently working on a new, 50 book goal.

A sight I love to see...

He read all of these in just one morning! =)


Mom W. said...

Believe it or not I could have even told you the score from the Super Bowl. And the teams!! (comes from having a 20 year old living with us now!!)

I love the picture of Caleb playing mini golf, what a poser!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Haha Mom! I didn't know you were keeping up with sports now :) I love all the pictures Joia. It's ALWAYS nice to get an update :)
Love you all!