Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kid Fun

Here are a bunch of pictures of the kids from before and right after the snow days here...

Philip brought the kids to the park while I did a photo shoot (well tried, the baby was pretty fussy so we had to reschedule), and they had a blast!

Caleb was proud of getting up here all by himself =)

The big kids being silly in the baby swings

Happy boy!

Being silly with Daddy



I love these ones!

Jumping off to Daddy

I love this one on the slide!

They all slid down together

A Michigan outfit we loved on Keenan and just found again for Caleb!

Somebody got into the fireplace...

Keenan earned an (almost) half pound chocolate bar from his piano teacher!

Caleb studying the Presidents... no biggie. =)

This was at a park on another military base.   I let the kids play after we finished this newborn shoot.

Keenan loved this!

My crazy climber =)

Goofy kids! =)

I love this one!

My sweet girl

Climbing again..

Love that smile!

I Never would have let Keenan do this at this age! =)




Mom W. said...

Awww, such cute kids, am I biased???

Mark and Rebekah said...

Who was taking the pictures at the park if you were at the photo shoot? Did you show up there after? I ask because they're really nice and I was wondering who else got the photographer genes in your family :)

My favourite one was the one of Caleb - so proud of himself! Way to go Caleb!