Monday, February 17, 2014

In 1492...

Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
And in 2014, in month number two,
Under a sky so blue,
We got to see his ship, too!

The Nina, an exact replica of Columbus' ship, and the Pinta, a slightly larger one, were docked in Fort Walton beach yesterday!    We were thrilled to have the opportunity to go check them out!

All of us in front of the Pinta

The Pinta

The Nina

Looking down on the main deck of the Pinta

It was a perfect day!

A small canon

The kids loved this

Another view down the deck

I just loved all the ropes and authentic rigging

A painting of the flag flying on the Pinta

Moriah thought this bundle of rope looked like a beehive =)

More rigging


Our handsome boys

That's an armful!

Moriah found herself a seat to watch some jet skiis go by

Caleb and Daddy

All the masts and flags

On the Nina

Me at the bow

Deck of the Nina

Keenan with the windlass (for hoisting the anchor)

Caleb's hands with some heavy chains

The 14 year old apprentice of the builders of the Nina and Pinta built this small boat on the Nina

Moriah and Caleb looking down into the lower deck of the Nina (we weren't allowed down there, it's the crew's quarters)

More rope =)

A great flag


Caleb looking out the back of the ship by the rudder

Keenan peeking out a window on the side of the ship

Hi, Moriah!

All four of my cuties

Both ships

What a fun experience!

Keenan in front of a HUGE boat fork lift on the way out

The kids checking out the massive, four story boat storage warehouse

On the way back to the van

Keenan wanted his picture with this guy (and insisted on "picking it's nose)

Caleb needed a turn too =)


Mom W. said...

What a great educational hands on experience!! Hope they still remember it when they grow up!!! What fun, I assume they still sail just as the originals did!!

Anonymous said...

What nice pictures, Joia!