Friday, February 21, 2014

For the Birds

Someone gave us a bag of stale popcorn a couple days ago and asked if we'd like to give it to the birds sometime. I figured the kids would like that, so we went to Lincoln Park today to try it out.

There were no birds very close to the shore, but I threw a handful of popcorn up in the air... AND THEY CAME!!




Away they go...

Love this one!

Big Smiles!


Nice jump, Riah!

Haha, Keenan!

My first monkey on the monkey bars


Mark and Rebekah said...

Is it weird that I find all of those birds a little creepy? Gorgeous pictures, but I'm glad I wasn't there :)

However, the swing jumping pictures? Awesome! Ben and I used to do this all the time, then we would give ourselves marks like in figure skating... So it was a little hard to judge ourselves objectively :)

As always, I love the pictures :)

Mom W. said...

Cute kids, I am with Rebekah on the birds... pictures are great!! =)