Sunday, January 26, 2014

Catching Up

Wow!   It has been a Long time since I blogged! =0/   Here are just a few pictures from the past week or so.   Most of the pictures I've taken have been for other people, not of our family!

Moriah's class painting at C.C.

Moriah working on her painting beside her friend, Lauren

This week at C.C. the kids learned about the artist, Gainsborough.   He especially liked to paint scenery, so he would do that first and then add the people after.   They had the kids paint backgrounds and then draw people to add in later.

Moriah's painting..she decided to copy Gainsoborough's "Mr. and Mrs. Andrews" (below)

I think she did a fantastic job!

Keenan's class painting (not sure what he was doing here!  Conducting?

Moriah with two of her favorite dolls, Meredith and Janie

Caleb was pretty proud of himself for setting this game up all by himself

On Monday I did seven mini Valentine's shoots, then a newborn shoot on Friday and I have a family shoot in an hour.   It has been a busy photography week!   You can check out some of the Valentine's pictures here.

I am one week out from the Double Bridge 15K in Pensacola (I did it last year, too), so have been doing quite a bit of running, and Keenan has started training to do the Duathlon again that he did last year.

Philip and I took the kids on some more dates - with the focal point for them being the end - at Bippy's frozen yogurt =)   I went with Keenan and we actually had a really good talk about our possible move, etc.

I learned how to make crab rangoon wontons at home - soo delicious!   Will post them on the food blog soon.

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Mom W. said...

OH you are still alive down there!!! Good to hear what you are up to. The wontons sound good!! Good picture Moriah!! Grandma is proud of you!!