Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Never Thought We'd See the Day...

Well, it happened. It Snowed here last night and this morning everything was covered in ice!

Yesterday, I put a bunch of random things out on the deck railing to see how they'd look covered in ice today.. =)

Yes, I even froze some left over spaghetti

Chilly elephant

Icicles on our canopy

Frozen flip flops

Philip's car

Myrtle's house covered in snow

Look at the street!

Yes I was out in my pajamas as soon as I got up =)

Like Mother, like son =)

Keenan and I braved the 24 degree (-4C), plus wind to go get some pictures of the surrounding area.   I certainly wasn't going to drive on the slipper roads, so we walked....

Icy berries in our yard

On the way down to the water

Icy dock on the bayou

So weird!

We were not dressed warmly enough for the wind and were Freezing!!

Snow on a palm tree trunk

Frozen puddle

Snowy palm fronds

Icy magnolia leaves

Icicles on an old lamp post

So cool

More frozen berries

Icicles streaming off the ends of the palm trees

Longest icicle I found

The hill by our house

Back in our yard

What a cool, historical event to be part of!   Philip also got to stay home from work because they closed most of the base down!   Woohoo!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Snow Day" at the Gulfarium

Amusingly enough, here in Northwest Florida, we have two "snow days", where all the local schools are closed because of bad weather!    Currently there is freezing rain coming down, with a slight chance of snow overnight.   I'm excited!

Since schools were closed today, the Gulfarium on Okaloosa Island offered free admission for kids today, so I decided to take the kids and brave the cold.   We bundled up in coats, hats and mitts and had a great time!

One of the highlights was seeing the dolphins in their huge tank.   They are such characters!   They obviously see which windows have people in them and they purposely swim by and jerk their head at the window, startling whoever is inside! =)

Caleb getting a great view!

This one was happy to hang out at the window for quite a while so I could get the perfect shot!

Look at this one, it's smiling! =)

One of the seals

The fishpond with multiple different varieties of fish

The otters weren't outside in their pool because it was too cold.  Here they are confined to their warmer, indoor habitat.

Looking longingly out the door at their pool

We made several passes through the bird/reptile house because it was heated! =)  Here are a few of the creatures that were in there:

The real gators were being all lazy and just laying submerged in the water, so we had to get a picture with the fake ones =)

Up on the chilly lookout boardwalk for a picture with the Gulf

A tortoise on his way back into his heated home


A heron, I think
All bundled up!

Feeding time in the manta ray/shark tank

Seahorses are so cool!

Lion fish

An octopus

...and his underside view

Checking out the Huge fish tank

More fish, who's names I don't know

Some tiny jellyfish, about as big as a silver dollar

A big frog

More fun with the dolphins on our snack break =)

The penguins (I think they're South African) were inside because of the cold, but they brought this guy out to socialize for a bit
Handsome Michigan boy!

We ended our visit with the Dolphin show...

A fancy flip by Sebastian

Some hoop jumping by Delilah

I think this was also Delilah

Sweet jump!

We left just as it started to rain and came home to warm up with some hot chocolate!   What a fun morning!