Friday, December 20, 2013

We Three Kings (a little different)

* You really have to hum the tune in your head for it to make sense, and remember that every other verse is the chorus!*

We five folk of Florida are,
Bearing gifts, we traverse afar,
Fields and fountains, I-65 through the mountains
Following all the cars

Oh, cars that thunder, cars with lights,
Cars with smoking tail pipes,
Northward leading, still proceeding,
Guide us to our hotel tonight

Yay, the kids are fighting again,
No, we’re not there yet, that is quite plain,
This drive takes forever, ceasing never
I’m going to go insane

Oh, grab some food, get gas, go pee
We’re racing the clock here, don’t you see?
1000 miles, but not much speeding,
I think I’ll drink a coke or three

We’re traveling northward, the cold is so…cold
I know I’m Canadian, but I’m getting old
Seven years in the heat has certainly beat out
My twenty-three in the cold

Oh, get out the coats, the hats, the mitts,
This darn cold, it sure is the pits
But we’re thrilled to be home, just chilled to the bone,
And hope we don’t end up in the ditch

Christmas up North will be worth it all,
Fast food and rest stops, gas station stalls,
Seeing our fam in Canada and Michigan,
Celebrating with one and all

Oh, He’s the star of Wonder, the Star of Light
The tiny babe born on that night
He lived here and died for our sins on the cross
So we would have everlasting life.

Merry Christmas!

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