Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tea Party Birthday

This year Moriah decided she wanted a tea party birthday.   We decided it would just be a girl's party this year, with a few friends.  Our original plan was to have a garden tea party, in Myrtle's back yard.   Well, then the forecast called for rain all day, so it was going to have to be an indoor party.   We don't have a lot of natural light in our house and it just wasn't going to be right for a tea party, so I asked my friend, Susan, (who's daughter, Brooke, was coming to the party), if I could have the party at her house, in her bright, breakfast room - she said yes!

Since Philip and the boys wouldn't be at the party, Moriah opened her gift from us before the party:

She loves her new doll, Meredith! =)

All ready to go to the party (dolls were invited too)

The girls

We love our big (almost) five year old!

Girl's cakes are soo much fun!

Cute teacup and tea pot lollipops


Moriah picked these

The favors (from Etsy), personalized necklaces for the girls

Moriah chose the menu

The cupcakes had a mishap on the drive over... so no pretty swirls this time =0/

This is Prince Albert China, passed on to me from my Grandma Woodford

It was so pretty and it made me happy to use it =)

Moriah and Brooke

This shirt was an original design by my friend, Anna.  I LOVE it!

So cute

The weather actually ended up being quite nice, so we got to do some fun pictures outside...

I love this one!

Cute one with their dolls

Time to eat!

Silly girls

We didn't actually have tea, we had Raspberry Lemonade

It was so funny listening to their conversations over lunch


Cake time!

With all her friends

With Eden

A new outfit for her doll from Brooke

A huge playdough set from Eden

A "color it yourself" messenger bag from Vivi

Riah and Vivi


What a fun party!   Thanks again, Susan, for letting me use your house! =)


Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE the tea party idea. And it was such a nice way to use / showcase Grandma's china! So beautiful. It must have been neat to share your memories of her with Moriah.

As usual, a gorgeous party, great cake, and lovely pictures!

Happy Birthday Moriah! We're looking forward to seeing you soon!

Mom W. said...

Awwww this looks so fun; so nice that you could use Grandma's china!!! The cake is gorgeous!! The Birthday girl is too!!!

Mom E said...

It is all sooo beautiful and done in typical, creative, Joia-style! I don't think Moriah understands yet just how blessed she is to have you as her mommy. :)
Thank you so much for posting pictures of everything. I actually got tears in my eyes looking at it all and wishing I could've been there with you girls! I miss you all so much.
How awesome that you got to use your grandma's china. So very special!

P.S. I especially liked how Caleb photo bombed the first picture.