Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Here's what our cute stinkers have been up to...

My little climber, just "lounging" between the piano and futon
(baby planking?  I don't know...)

Modeling his new fox towel from Grandma

Kisses for Spunky

It even has a tail!

Our crazy, sometimes mind-blowingly annoying, sweet mannered, super cute, and my new running buddy of a dog =)

A boy, a random pink sock, and his dog

You know, just driving some cars on the dog's back...

Giving her some love =)

While cleaning the house today, I was just "done" with having the gingerbread houses cluttering up the counter, so I told the kids that if they finished helping me clean, they could eat all the candy off their  houses.  Boy, did we get finished in a hurry! =)

This kid doesn't mess around!

Peek a boo!

Getting down to business

Oddly, no one was very hungry at lunch...


The Woodfords said...

Hmmm...s'mores for breakfast, and gingerbread houses for lunch... Why weren't you my mom????? ;)

Love ya,

Mom W. said...

Spunky with the hat, pretty cute!! Yum gingerbread houses!!

Mom E said...

Haha, Love Steph's comment! Loved Spunky's pics and the baby planking. funny!