Monday, December 23, 2013

The Christmas that Never Ends

Pictures from our time in London and our Christmas celebration today:

Swedish tea ring - my mom's tradition every year

Caleb enjoying his sundae at Swiss Chalet last night

Moriah too

I was happy to have some company along for some Canadian runs...

We headed out for a run at 9 pm last night since the ice had melted from the morning

The Christmas tree at 1:30 am =)

Some boys wanted in on the girl's picture =)

Riah with Grandma and the new dress she gave her


Cute cousins, Josh and Moriah

Yay, Santa hats!

Keenan with his new stocking

The girls both in new dresses from Grandma

Auntie Bekah reading a new book to the kids

Today we headed out for c,c,c-o-l-d run in the 26 degree F weather!
(Aren't I so stylish?)

Josh wanted a picture

Pretty Christmas table
(The crackers were so much fun!)


We skyped with Tim and Steph and the kids tonight

Our whole group talking to all of them

Chocolate pop - NOT decadent!  It was terrible!


Mark and Rebekah said...

Hahaha! I love your pictures Joia! It looks like we had a great time :) I've got to say I have some CUTE nieces and nephews... Thanks SO much for driving all your family up here to spend time with us. It's SO SPECIAL to see you! (I'm glad that the Mexican Woodfords also got to be in our pictures! We were so glad we could talk to you too!)
All in all, a great Christmas was had by all!

The Woodfords said...

Great pictures! So glad to chat tonight - miss you all tons!!


Mom W. said...

Great fun, waaaay too short though!!