Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Moriah is FIVE!

Somehow we've gone from this...

To This!

Moriah, we love you and we're so blessed by your JOYful, sweet spirit!   You are kind hearted, generous, artistic, creative and you have such a zest for life!   You love to dance and sing and run and twirl...  You are sooo girly and love to dress up and accessories and play with dolls and be a little "mommy" to all the babies we know.   You are so awesome!    Happy 5th birthday, sweet girl! =)


Grandma W. said...

Happy Birthday Moriah, I can hardly believe you are 5!!!!!!

Gr'ma E said...

Happy Birthday, Moriah! My how you've changed since you were little with no hair. :) You are growing into such a sweet & beautiful girl, inside and out!

I love you!!

Gr'ma E