Monday, December 16, 2013

Jus' Some Fun Stuff

Here are the pictures that get sprinkled in between actual event pictures, that I collect after a few days and throw in a post together...

Caleb (wearing a safari hat), being "flown" around in a wipes box by Air Daddy

Moriah working on making a bracelet from the kit she bought with Christmas money from Great Grandma D.

We made matching bracelets

Modeling them

...and Caleb had to have his own picture, too

Moriah with Meredith in the new outfit from Brooke

She really is a pretty doll!

Fun with pretty tree light, the tripod and three kids in jammies =)

He. Loves. The. Dog!

Had the fire going for the first time this season

A playdough ice cream cone (complete with sprinkles) from the kit Eden gave Moriah

Checking out the first issue of Highlights magazine from Grandma W!

Well, two of them are excited about it! =)

Coloring her bag from Vivi

A fun picture I edited of the Pennys from group last night =)


Mom W. said...

So glad you got the Highlights magazine, the High Five (Moriah's Age group) should be coming too.) Maybe Caleb will like it better!!
Fun pictures!!

Mom E said...

I love, love, the Christmas tree pic with them in their pj's. And Spunky got a photo bomb in too. :)

Mom E said...

P.S. I like the bracelets too. Very cute - Mommy & Moriah.