Friday, December 6, 2013

Fun with Friends!

Today, we're watching Vivi and Noble until their Grandparents get into town.   Their parents and Nora Jane are on their way to AFRICA to get their new brother!!!    Aaaahh, sooo exciting!!!

We got right to work, decorating mini gingerbread houses...

All ready to start!

The tiny one I did

All finished!

A goofy one with Caleb


(He pointed out that this wall looks like Rudolph!) =)



Keenan and Noble made quite the elaborate structure with the Magna Tiles (the two structures that stick out off the back are rows of "dungeons" for cars

Being goofy =)

I am Beyond excited for the big changes happening in the next couple of days for this family and cannot wait to meet their new son!   Please pray for safety and good health for them as they travel to and from Ethiopia during this next week.


(Aunt) Jessica said...

ohhh Riah is wearing her new dress. SO glad she likes it. She's adorable. :) Will be praying for your friends. That's amazing!

Mom E said...

Their gingerbread houses turned out a LOT better than the one we tried to make at work! lol. So awesome about their new addition. Praying for a smooth transition.