Monday, December 16, 2013

Fun Christmas Lights!

On Friday night we went to see "Geek Lights on the Corner" for the first time.   We'd heard that they had really cool lights, but what I didn't know was that it was a blatantly Christian display, with the sole purpose each year of presenting Jesus Christ as the true meaning of Christmas!   It was awesome!!  Pictures didn't turn out too great.  I did get some video, but it's a little long for here.

On Saturday night we went to a Christmas light, village, train set, nutcracker display in Niceville. It was so big it took up the entire inside of a former grocery store!

Really not a village, more like a huge city!!

I love the carousel!

Here comes the train!

Speaking of trains, there were about a dozen larger trains, all running on their own tracks, going different directions, over at the "train yard!"

I love this one of Caleb with the huge lights

Cute stuffed animals playing dominos

The sign says "Reindeer Games" - love it!
(That's root beer, folks)

Moriah with a giant doll house

Canada even made it into one of the "all around the world" displays =)

Here's Santa relaxing in Florida on December 26th =)

Keenan with the abominable snowman

Every time Caleb saw a Santa like this one, he said "Papa!"

This was just one of about 8 nutcracker collections!  So cute!

Poor Santa, doing his own ironing...

Oh well, it looks like Mrs. Santa is pretty busy herself =)

This cracked me up!   These carolers look like they're crying!

This display, with a soldier bowed in prayer was one of my favorites

... and this was right next to it =)

Our favorite nutcracker of all!

The kids with one of the pretty trees

Caleb copying big brother while watching the trains =)

Daddy looks good in a pink pettiskirt! =)

Then we stopped by the big display they set up outside all around the city complex.

I love that we live somewhere where having a Nativity scene in front of City Hall is okay =)


Mom W. said...

Awesome, glory to God!! That is sooooo cool!!

Mom E said...

That is SO beautiful!! And very, way, extraordinarily, cool to have a manger scene & Christ in Christmas! Imagine that! The soldier kneeling at the cross was my favorite too. The reindeer games was too funny with the root beer! Daddy Did look good in pink too! ha ha