Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Already??

I Cannot believe December is here and that 2013 is nearing a close!   We are having fun launching into Christmas fun, though!

Last week, we made our advent calendar (adapted from something I saw on Pinterest).  My biggest goal was to not spend any money on it, and we managed that, so I'm happy!

First I printed out some ornament templates and traced them on paper so the kids could decorate them...

Their creativity amazes me!

Then I added numbers and cut them out

Next I made a tree on our chalkboard doors and we used miniature clothespins (and masking tape) to attach them to the tree!

We'll write on the back and each day we'll try and do something special for someone else, like "Make Myrtle a Christmas card and sing some carols with her", or "Make cookies for the mail man/garbage men"

Philip surprised me by putting up the tree with the kids while I was doing a photo shoot on Sunday and yesterday we put the decorations on.

Moriah made a silly "hat" with our singing dogs =)

Helping decorate!

Not a lot of "helping" from this one, but he had to have a picture!

It's fun talking about each ornament and why it's special to us

Some fun shots of a couple decorations:

I painted this when Philip and I celebrated Christmas together the very first time.  It is even more special This Christmas! =)

My three elves

This pose was their idea and I love it!

Another Christmas tradition.. the parade!

Excitedly waiting for it to start!

My friend, Sarah H, made this Adorable hat for Moriah and we love it!!

All lined up

Caleb was Too cute in this reindeer hat

The men


Our friends, Josh and Susan (not sure what Josh was doing here)

Devin, Melissa and Treyson

Brooke, Eden, Luke, Jade and Keenan
(Haha!  That's more like it, Josh!)

A fun, "Jesus is my Superhero" float

Chowing down some pizza while he watched

First picture of the tree


Mom W. said...

Love the moose hat and the crocheted (??) hat. The tree is beautiful!! See you soon!!

Mom E said...

haha, Caleb's hat is adorable! Love Philip's first ornament you painted. The pose which was their idea is sweet. Glad to see the MI ornament from last year made it in the photo shoot.... but whaaaat? none of the Star Trek ones made it? LOL. Love, Mom