Sunday, December 22, 2013

Canadian Christmas #1!

We made really great time this trip up! We drove 500 miles on Friday and 600 on Saturday and made it in time for a good chunk of my extended family Christmas in London! That was super fun because we hadn't been there for about five years!

A couple shots from on the way...

Pretty smart!  He pulled out the drawer at the hotel so he could stand up and see the TV better! =)

These wind turbines were a new addition along the 401 since we had crossed the border in Windsor - pretty fascinating!

The kids were super spoiled with more gifts!

The gorgeous table - I love that Aunt Nora decorates with cedar and holly from her own yard!

Beautiful tree!

Ada and Rob

Keenan wearing a hilarious foot cozy!

Andrew wearing it as a hat =)

Rebekah and I

Ada, Bethany, I, Alycia and Mariah

Another pretty table

Moriah had her own special table!

The boy's table

Moriah and Galina

Caleb being goofy

Stocking time!


When we woke up this morning, everything was covered in ice (separate post to cover those pictures)

This boy was soooo happy to play in the snow!

He has been talking about snowballs since we started this trip!

Love this little bridge (and this little girl) =)

Fun shots by the hedge

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Mark and Rebekah said...

We are SO loving having you here :) Thanks so much for coming all the way up here to have Christmas with us :) Such special times! Love you!