Thursday, December 19, 2013

A string of lights

We don't have colored lights on our tree this year, but I really do like them... so here's what happens when you have a couple of strands just sitting around (more to come on Saturday also)

I thought they looked really pretty on the piano

Spunky was such a good sport =)

All lit up

I love his expression here!

Hands full of light!

We are Finally through all of the last "to do's" of the week before leaving on our trip!   The van is mostly packed and I just have last minute things (dropping the dog off, doing one last load of laundry - and drying it at Myrtle's since our dryer quit today, and having a quick visit from the repair man for the dryer), before we head out around noon when Philip gets off tomorrow!


Mom W. said...

You... light up my life (from a song) =)

Safe travels.

It is raining here now and the snow is melting (Sorry Keenan) and they are talking a possible ice storm starting tomorrow night - yuck!! Hope you are safely here first!! Not a very nice welcome!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love your pictures! So enlightening! So delightful :)

Caleb's expression is SO cute in his picture :)