Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

Here are about 100 pictures of significant (or at least semi-significant) things that happened in our lives in 2013!

January 25th, visited the Gulf Breeze Zoo

Feb 1st, I dyed my hair black!  (I would later rue this day, but loved it at the time!)

February 2nd, I ran the Double Bridge 15K in Pensacola with our friends Whitney and Eric!

Feb 3rd, super bowl party with some of our favorite people!
(I do not remember who was playing or who won!)

Feb 15th, celebrated Philip and Jeff's birthdays

Feb 21st, Caleb and I flew up to Canada to meet a couple of new baby girls...

Nathan and Laura's sweet miracle, Ciara...

...and my new niece, Galina!

Caleb's first snow experience on that same trip

March 9th, Keenan's (6th) Lego Birthday party

March 18th to 23rd, we vacationed in Central Florida and geocached our way there and back through four state parks!

March 20th, Legoland with Mom and Isaac

March 22nd, celebrated Easter early at Mom and Jeff's

March 24th, Keenan's duathlon!

March 31st, Easter

April 4th, Keenan and Moriah learn how to slingshot

April 10th, Keenan's class at C.C.

April 17th, we (along with tens of thousands of people around the world), ran for those affected by the bombings at the Boston Marathon two days earlier

April 18th, Treyson joined the Penny family! =)

April 20th - family race day the Heritage 5K and Kid's Run

April 26th, Philip camped with Keenan and Moriah

April 30th, Philip pinned on Major!

May 4th, Rebekah hosted an Awesome, camera themed birthday party for me!

All of the attendees
(This was where I was blown away by a Large gift of money from family/friends that would later buy my new camera!)

May 7th, Caleb is 18 months old!

May 9th, Caleb has his first sleepover while the rest of us travel to New Orleans for my citizenship fingerprinting appointment

May 12th, Mother's Day

May 16th, I went to Emerald Cork with Denise and Mary Edith to paint!

May 18th, our first Mud Run!

May 22nd, got my new camera!!!

May 26th, My birthday and the Gate to Gate run on base

After the race with my little runners!

June 7th, we geocache in an old plane crash!
(Our 200th cache)

June 14th, our first glow run
(and Keenan's first attempt at a 5K)

June 15th, Father's Day

June 16th, Philip and the kids went kayaking with friends

June 17th, We went to Jacksonville for my Citizenship interview

June 21st, Early birthday/goodbye party for my amazing friend, Rebekah

June 26th, Residency Banquet

June 29th, Dad Dooley is in town
(he is on the tube in the background behind the jet ski!)

Same day - shrimp boil with our small group

July 1st, Canada Day!

Copycat picture from last year

Father and Son

July 2nd, we introduced the kids to the Coke and Mentos experience =)

July 13th, Aunt Patti's reception and family reunion in Michigan

July 15th, professional family pictures with all the Woodfords

July 16th, fam trip to Clovermead
(This is my dad with all his grandkids)

July 17th, spent a few days in Michigan at Bear Lake with Philip's family

Grandma D, Dad, Matt and Jess and us at the lake house

July 22nd, spent a night in Montgomery on the way home, due to van trouble

July 25th, the Storeys moved to the Azores =(

July 27th, Philip and I saw Les Mis at our local theatre

Aug 2nd, first trip to Big Kahunas!

Aug 5th, the kids and I see Dad in Central Florida once more before he heads back to Kenya

Aug 7th, the kids and I spend a couple days in Fort Lauderdale with Wendi and her kids while she was stateside!

August 9th, visit at Mom and Jeff's on the way back home

August 12th, C.C. starts 
Keenan with his tutor, Mrs. Frye

Moriah excited about her first year of C.C
with her tutor, Mrs. Chastain

August is when I started doing photography for friends and family as enJOIAble Snaps Photography!
(I've done about 35 shoots so far)

Aug 24th, 300th geocache at an old brewery

Sept 2nd, Labor Day with friends at the Pennys
(my first time on waterskis in at least five years)

Sept 25th, our ninth anniversary in Dayton, OH
(and yes, I did notice, this is the Fifth picture in this post where I'm wearing this shirt! Ha!)

Sept 28th, visiting Grandma Eberts in Hamden, OH

Oct 3rd, geocaching in an old quarry

Oct 4th, we get to watch Philip fly!
Oct 5th, fun Children's Museum in Dayton

Oct 12th, visited Three Cedars Farm with Anthony and Melissa in Michigan

Oct 14th, visited Trisha and Charlie in Perrysburg, OH

Oct 19th, cotton field in Alabama on the way home from Ohio

Oct 26th/27th, Tim and Sarah visited from Ontario!

Oct 31st, Halloween with the Grays

Nov 1st, Farm Day!

Nov 12th, Caleb's 2nd birthday party

Nov 14th, I became and American!

Nov 18th, our niece, Gwendalyn Hope was born to Tim and Steph!

Nov 15th, the kids and I ran the YMCA Gobble Wobble
(My fastest race ever)

Nov 27th, Thanksgiving with family in Merritt Island

Dec 4th, I completed my running goal of 400 miles for 2013

Dec 13th, Moriah's (5th) Tea party birthday party

 Dec 17th, Moriah's birthday and Live Nativity...

...and our family Christmas

 Dec 21st, we made it to London, ON for extended family Christmas at Aunt Nora and Uncle Jim's

 Dec 22nd, beautiful ice storm in Norwich!

Dec 23rd, Woodford family Christmas at Mark and Rebekah's

 Dec 24th, visit with Dad Dooley and Paradoskis

 Dec 25th, Christmas at Aunt Mary and Uncle Ty's

Dec 26th, sledding!

Dec 30th, first picture I got to take of the Grays, since their new son/brother, Girma, joined them from Ethiopia!

Dec 30th, Josh and Rebekah welcomed their fourth sweet baby boy, Luke Isaiah!

Dec 31st, rang in the New Year at home with the kids! =)


Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow! You certainly had a blessed and busy year! I love your pictures - especially the last one :)

Happy New Year Dooleys!

Mom W. said...

Great Memories!! Thanks for that overview Joia. I hadn't notice Moriah's expression in the July 1 picture before. Hilarious!!