Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Family Christmas Pictures

Now that most of our Christmas cards have made their way to mailboxes around the continent, here are the rest of the pictures we took in our Christmas 2013 shoot:

The spot I chose was actually an area on base we came across on a family walk.    I knew it would be perfect. =)

I LOVED this berry background, but unfortunately none of the family pictures we took here turned out.  =0/  These two are pretty cute, though =)

This pathway was gorgeous (and we only had to pause once for a jogger) =)

I also really liked this fallen tree.

How cute are these three?

Oh Moriah... =)

We had to switch places a couple times for this one. If Caleb wasn't holding the banner, he was fooling with it and not paying attention to anything else =)

Every time I set this up, Caleb had something neww in his hand =)

My man and I

Just us girls

Just the gents

Some solo shots of the two oldest:

So handsome =)

Balancing act

Haha!   This one makes me so happy! =)


Mom E said...

All the shots are great! What patience you all have. :) The last one was funny cuz you all look like cone-heads. So cute!

Mom W. said...

Pointed Dooleys!!! Sweet pictures!! Love the Christmas Card!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love all of these! (I feel that I'm very repetitive when I'm looking at your pictures, but that doesn't make the sentiment any less true :)

You all look gorgeous, and the pictures are great! Some of my favourites ever of you guys!

PS- Thanks for the Christmas card. It was my first one :)