Saturday, November 16, 2013

Random November Scramble

Hooeey, boy! Am I ever behind on blogging! I am going to have to crank out Multiple posts tomorrow to catch up on what's been going on around here!  But first, here are some pictures from a few days ago..

Caleb practicing his "splits"

Just enjoying life on a fine November day =)

Sweet girl on the swing

I love this one

The crazy, flying boy!

Learning to pump her legs!

Caleb had fun on the trampoline all by himself while the big kids played on the swings

Funny how this...

...turned into this! =)

Showing off their spelling with blocks

...and Caleb wanted me to take a picture of him wearing Moriah's shoes =)

The Thankful project Keenan and Moriah made (all by themselves, Mommy didn't touch this one)- I love it!

A nice surprise on the inside of my egg carton!

At Outback on Veteran's day...

Us girls

My silly goof (with his banged up face from biting the driveway after a collision in the dark with Keenan

Handsome men on the other side of the table =)


Mom W. said...

=) Love the pictures!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

You're behind in blogging... I'm behind in commenting! Thanks for giving me the time to catch up :) Caleb's really on the ball :) Haha. I love the thankful canvas. You have talented kids!
Love you lots!