Saturday, November 30, 2013

Merry Christmas in November

Caleb and Moriah got some birthday presents from Grandma on Thursday night.

I Love this talking, singing Puppy!

Moriah got a Melissa and Doug ballerina doll!

Caleb giving it some love

Philip heading out to a geocaching event
(Pi with a pie that Jessica made)

Time for presents!
One of Keenan's favorites

Most of us went in on this for the three kids (they are almost identical to Magna Tiles)

Caleb digging down into his stocking

The adults having fun with the kid's toy!

Turkey ready for fondue

The girls modeling their pajamas from Grandma


Two cuties by the tree

Oldest and youngest grandkids being silly

All the kids in their Christmas pajamas from Grandma

She couldn't help herself and bought the girls these Adorable dresses!

How sweet are they?


One of my favorite gifts

We have had Such a wonderful visit!   We head home today (probably during the Michigan/Ohio State game).


Mom W. said...

North Pole pajamas in Florida? Better bring them to wear here at the North Pole ;) The red dresses are gorgeous!!! As usual, love the pictures. Our turn next!!

Mom E said...

Love, love, the photos and the red dresses were my favorite. So glad you like your gift too. Suck a wonderful time, but it all went too fast as always. I love you, Mom

Mom E said...

oops... should've proofread before I hit "post". I obviously meant to say SUCH a wonderful time... LOL.

Mark and Rebekah said...

These pictures made me excited for our Christmas!

You had some awesome gift givers - I LOVE the red dresses Kathleen!

Kathleen said...

:) Thanks, Rebekah. And to think I almost let the practical side of me win out & not buy them! So glad I didn't. It ended up being a highlight for not only the little girls, but their mommies and gr'ma as well, I think!!