Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lots of Thanks to be Given

We got on then the road yesterday morning for Merritt Island. We stopped and did a fun geocache on the way...
It's a giant mouse trap and the "cheese is the cache!

In the pretty woods

Poor Caleb puked on the way and spiked a fever (on top of his barky cough).    He went straight in the bathtub when we got here (which gave him a good excuse to try out his new adorable fox towel from Grandma!)   Fortunately the puking seemed to be travel related, and although he is still running a bit of a fever and isn't quite himself, he hasn't puked any more.

I got up at 5 this morning and met Philip's sister, Jessica, and her friend, Emily, at 6:50 to run a 15K (9.4 miles)!   We had a GREAT run and averaged just under ten minute miles for the whole thing!   I haven't run further than 6 miles (once!) in at least six months, (and my knees are reminding me of that!) What a great way to start our Thanksgiving (especially since we burned almost 1,000 calories!) =)

Today was Hudson's birthday, so here he is opening his gift from us and Moriah is opening an early present from Matt and Jessica

A new hairband and dress!

I got to decorate the table this year...

We each wrote what we were thankful for on the back of our leaf 

The new outfit!

Moriah giving Adilyn a ride in the doll stroller =)

The bird

The master of the bird

Goofy kid's table



A toast

Erik and I had a scarf picture
(Yes, both scarves are mine)

Then I got to take pictures of some of my favorite people!

Matt and Jessica and their kids

Hudson, new six year old!


Sweet Adilyn

I love this one of Isaac and Moriah on the swing

All the ladies

Mom, Jess and I

Mom, Jeff, Isaac and Comet


Matt and Jess

Love this family!

How fun!

Happy Birthday, Hudson!


Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE the two full family pictures! Awesome! What a special time with family!
Happy Thanksgiving Dooley family!
We love you!

Mom W. said...

Wow, what a great picture post, even the crazy picture!!! Everybody looks great, Matt and Jessica's kids have grown SOOOO much!!

Mom E said...

I'm ever amazed at how good God is and how great all His timing was. The weather was perfect, everyone cooperated, even the kids, for great pics. I love all the Eberts, Dooley, & Stallbaum photos. Thank you so much for all you did while you were here. We love you too!!