Friday, November 1, 2013

Hesterman Visit!

Whew! What a weekend!

On Saturday morning I ran a 5K Halloween race with some friends

Here is the whole group!

(I ran my fastest official time at 27:26
 (five minutes faster than my very first 5K!)

Saturday evening, our friends, Tim and Sarah Hesterman and their four kids arrived for a visit on their way home from Disney!

Keenan and Moriah made a welcome sign for them on the blackboard

All the kids at Turkey Creek
(Caleb, Allyson, Moriah, Elanna, Keenan, Aidan and Liam)

Keenan, Aidan, Moriah and Liam up a tree

Watching the water striders

Tim and Sarah with the kids

For lunch we went to the Back Porch in Destin, right on the beach.  It was the Perfect beach day!!

On the big chair





Moriah found a buddy =)

Such a sweetie!

This kid Loves the beach!!

Tim and the baby got caught by a wave

My camera and I were very happy =)

I Love this one of Moriah and the bubble on her chin is so funny! =)


Caleb found Sarah's (mostly empty) coffee cup

What a goof!


I think he's a fan!


These two were cute together

My little clown and I

Sarah gave the kids some shoestring licorice and my kids thought it was the greatest thing ever!

Funny boys

This random guy made me laugh!

Florida looks good on them!

The kids were sad (and very sandy) when they had to say goodbye to their new friends, so it was bath time for all!

Funny boys =)

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