Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gobble Wobble 5K and Kid's 1 Mile

On Saturday, the 16th, the kids and I had a great race morning in Fort Walton Beach at the YMCA Gobble Wobble!

We had never run this race before, and it was a fun one!   Not too big (probably less than 100 in my race) and the weather was perfect!

All ready!

Me (in red, white and blue shirt) at the start of my race

Still chipper =)

My goal for this race was to break 27 minutes.   I picked out a pace person who was running at what I thought was a pace that would get me to my goal.   I figured if he was still running at this age, he was probably pretty good at it!

Here he is.   I found out later that he's over 60, but he's fast!

You will Not get away! =)

The time on Philip's phone as I passed the one mile mark

Here I am coming back by the same spot, after two miles (yes, I'm spitting in this picture, sorry!)  As I passed, Philip said, "You're flying!", which I hoped meant that I was going to meet my goal!

I stuck in with him, even though my legs were burning and I Really wanted to fall back.   Must. Not. Let. Him. Get. Away!!  (I focus on the end and how great I'll feel, knowing I left it ALL out on the course!)

Here I am rounding the corner just before the finish and seeing the clock (WHAT!?!)

24:19.    Un. believable.

Thanking him for letting me tag along!
(His shirt is from the Halloween run I ran three weeks ago - I wish I'd run with him then!)   I kind of wanted to ask him which race he's running next!  Ha! =)

Apparently I run faster as an American! =)

Philip suspected (and I agreed) that it seemed like maybe the course wasn't a full 5K distance, from my time, so we drove around the course later just to check.  It was right on!    I had run three minutes and 8 seconds faster than my fastest race, only three weeks previous!   
 As I thought about it on the way home, I was brought to tears, because it really was not me, it was a strange miracle that only God could have accomplished.    My long term running goal (like in the next few years), was to maybe some day break a 25 minute 5K, but I was Not prepared for that to happen right now.   I was so blown away at Him enabling me to do something so far out of my expectation that all I could do was give Him thanks.   I have No idea if this will happen again.    
Since I've started racing, I've always run the 5K faster than my previous race.   I am not holding myself to that standard after this. =)

Philip said, "Now you can't whine at me anymore when I want to pick up the pace on our weekday runs and do a 28 or 29 minute 5K!"   Ha!   I guess he caught me.

Time for the kids to run!
So excited!

It was a very small kids race, held in a sports field, on a quarter mile loop, which was great for cheering and pictures!

Keenan on one of the first laps

Keenan on lap four, ahead of Philip and Riah on lap three

Moriah was Such a trooper and kept running through tears a couple of times when Philip slowed down to let her stop, but she just kept running!

Keenan coming in to the finish - second place overall with a time of 7:49!

Keenan ran part of the final lap with Moriah - here she is finishing in 11:50!
We were so proud of her for sticking it out!

Keenan won second place overall (and beat some nine year olds!)

Moriah got her first finisher's medal!

Proud Mama
(I got second place for my age division)

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The Woodfords said...

Wow!!! Great job, each of you! Neat to see Moriah's endurance and determination!