Sunday, November 3, 2013

Farm Day 2013

 Philip drove straight through from Ohio and got home at 11 pm on Friday night!!   The kids weren't expecting him until later the next day, so it was Such a great surprise when they woke up on Saturday!

It was awesome to have him home for our seventh and last Farm Day!   While we don't know yet Where we'll be going, it looks like we will be leaving Florida next July, so each seasonal event is now even more special, since it's our last...

Moriah with a pretty feather that Keenan found

 A tiny fawn (not sure where her momma was)

 Cutie in a tree

 Caleb not so sure about the fawn nibbling on his finger

 It sucked on my finger!

 I spotted a rare blue panther sleeping in this tree

Family tree =)

 It occurred to me that this was the Same tree we had a family picture taken in five years ago!

Not much has changed, right? =)

 Happy kids with Daddy

 Caleb using Keenan as a chair in the food line =)


 Horseback riding!

 So happy!

 I think this was Keenan's fifth time on a horse!

 Caleb had a great time, obviously

 Keenan using an antique machine to remove corn from the cob

 The corn trough is always a big hit

 So much blond hair!   Which one is ours?

This kid has style! =)


Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow, good thing that's such a big tree!

I hope you're doing well with the idea of moving and so on. I'm sure it's hard not knowing WHERE, but it must be kind of exciting too...

Mom W. said...

What do you mean happy kids with daddy? It is "Happy Daddy with kids" if you ask me!!! =) So glad he is back with his family and I am sure All of you are too!!