Saturday, November 23, 2013

Crafts, MOPS, and a Date

Well, since I've ditched Facebook for a while, my blogging should improve! =)

We are already on "Holiday Break" from Classical Conversations until after Christmas.  We are still doing school, and reviewing CC, but it's kind of nice to not have the pressure of that extra weekly commitment and preparing presentations, etc.   I can't believe we're already have way through the CC year!

In my craft drawer, I found a big bag of about a dozen colors of "wax craft sticks".   I think the product name is "Bendaroos" or something, but they are essentially wax coated pieces of string in various colors that you can bend and make into just about anything!   I can't believe I haven't given these to the kids before!   They will definitely be coming on our next road trip!

 I was quite impressed with Keenan's flower

 Moriah made one too, and guess who had to get in on the "pitcher" =)

We had our Thanksgiving meal at MOPS this week.   It. Was. Amazing!  (I may have gone for a run later that day solely due to the amount of food I ate...

 My friend, Jaqui, does an Amazing job on table decorations!

 Some people were missing, but this is everyone who was there that day

 We also assembled a bunch of boxes for Operation Christmas Child

The finished stack!

Philip and I had an afternoon date today (we COULD NOT find any sitters available for the evening today!)   We went to a new theatre, called the "Ovation Dining Club".    You actually get to order food and eat dinner During the movie!   They give you a menu when you sit down, you look it over and when you're ready to order, you push a little call button by your seat.  They come, take your order (for real food, not just snacks!), Philip had the Chicken Pesto Pizza and I had some awesome croquet sandwich with ham and melted cheese on amazing bread with a delicious dipping sauce.   Oh, we also got unlimited popcorn as our appetizer and you just press the button when you want a refill of popcorn or pop!   A.Mazing!!   The seats are super comfy and have little tables that swing over your lap to put your food on.

 We saw the second Hunger Games movie (that just came out yesterday!)
I'm sure some (maybe many) of you are not into these movies, but we found it Incredible!!!

Our comfy seats
(These pictures are terrible, because I opted for the little camera)

The kids and I also made our own advent calendar, but that seems like it should wait until at least a December 1st post... =)

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Wow, dinner theater with a difference!! Sounds really cool!!!