Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Catching up Randoms

While I'm cranking out blog posts, I might as well do a third one today and just get all caught up!

 My three goofs being super sweet in the van while waiting for Daddy

 Caleb wearing two of Moriah's tiaras as glasses?

Keenan participated in the Awana Grand Prix races this year!

 Quite the set up!

His car "Camo Cruiser" is on the red track

 He won several heats and came in fourth overall!
(Philip said he would have actually been third if he had raced against the car who placed third)

This girl and her silly accessories sometimes =)

 My breakfast turned a little sad on Sunday...

 While waiting to do My First Engagement Shoot on Sunday, I was thrilled to catch this flock of pelicans flying over the beach!

On Monday, November 18, a new niece, Gwendalyn Hope arrived!
Congratulations Tim and Steph! =)

 Caleb wanted to be a big helper while we were babysitting Treyson today =)

 He loved his first time in the Jolly Jumper!

I let Keenan, Eden and Moriah paint on the patio doors (on the Outside this time, so I can use the hose to clean it off later!)

 Making hand print trees

 I love this one
(I wrote "Give Thanks" on the inside of the window in dry erase marker, so they wouldn't have to figure out how to paint the letters backwards on the outside)

 Moriah adding grass and Eden making a sun

 Fun stuff

 Eden's, Moriah's and Keenan's trees

I spent a good part of the day doing this, since Mr. Caleb was a little jealous sometimes and Treyson wasn't happy not being held =)

Okay, all caught up!   Let's see if I can keep this up...

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Mark and Rebekah said...

I love these update posts! You are always doing such fun stuff... Oh, and I checked out your photo blog again, and your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You're very talented my friend!
Love you!