Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Caleb's 2nd Birthday Party

 Here are the festivities for our big two year old!

 This shirt was made by a friend of mine - She said she was happy to make the shirt for free if I would take pictures of him in it that she could use for advertising!   Score!

Due to Caleb's insane love of cars, I decided it would be an appropriate theme for his party...

 Fun, Pinterest inspired car cupcakes

These were a little tedious, but fun to make.

More Pinterest ideas...


 Cars traveling down the middle of the table

 Lots of yummy, colorful food
(Pigs in a blanket compliments of Daddy!)

 It seemed like he should have a "real" cake, not just cupcakes =)

 Personalized favors (from Etsy)
(The girls will get their own personalized favor at Moriah's party next month)

 Each kid got to take home a mini building kit for various types of vehicles or bird houses/feeders

 My little party helper

 My first attempt at candy moulds and I'm hooked!

 Sweet girls

 Bouncy house!   (I swapped photography for the rental of this)

 Happy birthday boy!

The trampoline got a lot of action as well

 Surprise, surprise, he's eating dessert before his apples and carrots =)

 He wasn't too sure about the flames at "Happy Birthday" time

 Present time!

 I love Nora Jane's artwork on this gift with washi tape!

 Most of the party goers

Thank you friends for celebrating with us and for all the great gifts (vehicles of every shape and size) you blessed Caleb with!


Mom W. said...

He is a boy after his grandpa Woodfords own heart... of course you should eat dessert first!! =) Can't wait to see him - and all of you!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I'm sorry I'm so late commenting on this. Your party was gorgeous! I love the pictures of the whole table. I know you used Pinterest, but you do it SO well. You're so creative! I loved EVERYTHING, but I think that the letters are my favourite part... Good job :)