Thursday, November 7, 2013

Caleb is TWO!

Our littlest man is two years old! I can't believe it!

 He went from this:

To this:

...and then This! =)

Caleb is Such a joy to have in our family and I am loving this stage!

He is Hilarious!
He has a huge (and daily expanding) vocabulary that he is constantly surprising us with.
He LOVES playing with cars and spends significant amounts of time at the little table by the window, playing with them every day.
He also loves planes and points them out everywhere we go.  He is usually the first to spot one in the sky.
He eats pretty much everything.
He loves music and is quite a good dancer.

Happy, happy birthday, Little Man!   We love you So much!


Mom W. said...

... and he sleeps really well at night... or does he yet?? Stinker. Mommy's will always forgive this when all the rest are true =) I can't wait to see him. Happy Birthday Caleb!!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday to our sweet nephew! He has such a beautiful - and mischievous- smile :) We're looking forward to seeing him, and the rest of you, soon :)

Love Rebekah :)

Mom E said...

I can't wait to dance with him when you get here! I love you little man!

Becki D. said...

Happy birthday to the biggest flirt in the cafeteria! He always has the biggest, messiest smile whenever I see him. Such a sweetheart. :-)