Sunday, October 13, 2013

Three Cedars Farm

We arrived in Michigan on Friday evening.  Aunt Mary had put out pumpkins with the kid's names on them, just like last year when we were here on the same weekend!


2012 =)

Philip, Keenan and Moriah went to see Davis' football game while Caleb and I got things set up here at the house.


 Halftime show


Yesterday we drove out to the country to get our "fall fix".    We stopped briefly at an apple orchard, hoping to pick a few apples, but you had to wait in a loooong line to get on a wagon ride to go out to the orchard to pick and we didn't have time, so I just snapped a couple pictures.

In the orchard

Apple lovin' boy!

Then we went to Three Cedars Farm...

How cute is this??

Kid sized tractors

Corn box!

Lying down =)

Being sweet for a minute

Mr. Ed!

Cute girl on a huge haybale =)

Big jump!

Keenan jumps across

Yum... cider!

...and fresh cinnamon donuts

A match made in heaven

Chillin' on the porch

Then the Munacos arrived!

Maddy and Nino on the left


Like a boss

So much to do!

The kids with Melissa on the way to the hayride

Sweet girls in the pumpkins

I love this picture of Anthony and Melissa on the hayride!
(Maddy, Ellie and Nino)

Our five

Ready to start the corn maze!

Starting the hunt

Is it this way?

Tassels in the sunshine

A husked cob

Making good progress...

We found all three checkpoints!

On our way out
Our three cuties in the pumpkin patch

I couldn't resist bringing this hoodie
(Used to belong to Uncle Isaac, I think?)

Keenan found the biggest one he could!

So strong!

Moriah found one just her size =)

The Pumpkin Story:
"Hey!  Check out this Huge pumpkin!"

"Watch this, I'm gonna pick it up"

"Okay, I've gotta get a good grip..."


"WOW!  This is way too heavy!!"

"On second thought, it seems fine right here"

Being sweet with Mommy

...and super cheesy for Daddy

Sweet kisses

That's a Lot of orange!

The whole group!

Four kids on a cow

Moriah feeding a sheep

What a fun day!!   Thank you, Munacos for joining us!

Last night, a bunch of family came over for some Amazing gourmet, deep dish pizza and the Tigers won!

Uncle Ty found a puffball, a giant, white, edible mushroom in their backyard.   I remembered my dad finding some years ago and cooking them!    I said we should eat some, and (after verifying online that it was edible and we wouldn't die), Uncle Ty sliced it and cooked some and he, Uncle Phil and I bravely ate it.   It was good!

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Mom W. said...

And you're all still alive after eating the giant mushroom???

Caleb makes me laugh so much! What a clown!!

So nice seeing the Munacos!!!

Fun times to remember!!