Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Temporary Ohio Home

Here's a little picture tour of our Home Sweet Home for the month...

Front door (I couldn't resist getting the pumpkin to hang on the hook)

First floor just has the garage and laundry room (not very picture worthy).  Up the stairs...

To the living room

Another view

Dining room area
(Light carpet - aaahh!)

My little baking nook =)

...and up the next set of stairs to the bedrooms.

Master bedroom

Kid's room

Full bath

Well, that's (mostly) it!   We're loving it!


Mom E said...

That is a really nice looking place! Much better than what I had imagined and really huge when all of you aren't there, eh? Does Philip get to stay there or does he have to move when you leave?

Mom W. said...

Interesting that the curtain valance in your bedroom goes all the way across the wall, do the curtains also cover the whole wall when pulled??? (just curious)

Nice and cozy and clean!!