Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Island Park

The kids and I went out for some chilly exercise/play yesterday at one of the beautiful local parks.

Moriah was excited to be wearing cold weather clothes!

I love this bridge!

...and these three =)

Gorgeous tree and river

A heron we spotted on our walk

Taking flight

Some beautiful fellow Canadians =)

Look how gorgeous this park is!

We came across these, that had fallen off a tree - I was completely baffled, as I had never seen anything like them before!   They were about the size of a softball and sort of looked like bright green broccoli!   Some friends on Facebook identified them as "Hedge Apples".   They are not poisonous, but not good eating for humans.  The squirrels loved them!

This amphitheatre is also in the park and the kids had a blast echoing their voices inside...

...then they took turns introducing each other to recite school review!   It. Was. Awesome!!

Snack time, and the sun was soo bright!

Then we fed some cheese crackers to a cute squirrel...

who took his snack back up the tree to enjoy it

This fork begged for them to climb into it

My three sweet squirrels

Moriah wanted her picture taken with this pretty flower

Making silly shadows

I found them like this, snuggled up on the couch, reading library books =)

We made a trip to Meijer tonight to pick up a few things, and (as I'd hoped!) they still have the penny horse ride!

Pretty awesome that you can still get something for a penny!  (Unless you're Canadian)

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Mom W. said...

Cute Dooley squirrels!!! I love Keenan's expression with the penny!!! =)