Friday, October 25, 2013

Home and Busy

We've been home now for five (busy) days and no longer feel gray =)

It was good to get back to our friends at house church, C.C. and MOPS this week.   We missed them like crazy!

Here are a few happenings from this week:

 Stylish head gear

 Fun jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murphy's

 I'm not sure you're a reliable source, but thank you, Dove =)

These are random.   We made place cards at MOPs to have on our tables every meeting.  This is mine:

 Two sided

I took the kids to Eglin's "Trunk or Treat" event tonight (never again!  It was Insane!)  They didn't want to wear the same costumes they already planned for Halloween, so we came up with these last night:

 Oliver Twist

 Little Red Riding Hood

 Does this look familiar? =)

 He was totally into it!

Me and my three cuties

Every car/truck had a theme... our favorite one was this one - "What Does the Fox Say??" =)
(If you haven't seen this video, you are missing out... right Mark?)

 Looove it!

We have an exciting weekend ahead!   I have a race in the morning (costume involved!) and then we have Canadian company coming into town!  Stay tuned!


Shambach's said...

Can't seem to get WDTFS out of my head these days. Seems like others can't either ;-)

Hope your race today went well! It's super chilly up here in NY. We already had our first snow on Thursday. Brr.....

Mom W. said...

You're killing me wondering WHO the Canadian company is/was!! =}

The costumes were good, impromptu is good for you Joia!!